WTLB Employee Spotlight: Lesley!

Lesley is one of our main designers (ok so like what she sees in her brain, is what is on our shirts) behind the brand Words To Live By. She is also great when it comes to marketing our brand along with photoshoots. She is such a skilled photographer and she will be SO embarrassed I wrote that...good thing I only sit 4 feet away from her...anyway.... We want you to get to know her a little more and what better way to do that then have ole cooky Cierra ask her some cooky questions...haha I love alliteration, even when it's not really alliteration. :D 

  • Name three things that make you laugh….
    • Jolene, for sure, only when she’s not getting into trouble.
    • Being tickled, I can only be strong for so long, acting like it doesn’t bother me and then I eventually break out into laughter.  
    • John and I had a conversation about what Jolene’s voice would sound like if she could actually talk and say the things she thinks about. So he started doing an interpretation of her and I belly laugh every time he does it.
  • (fill in the blank) I love the sound of………
    • the Ocean, I don’t think I could ever get tired of that sound.
    • Jolene snoring. (because that means I get a little break from her craziness)
    • Rain on a Tin Roof.
  • What’s a family tradition you hope to keep going?
    • . I guess, you could call going to the beach with my parents every year a family tradition. We’ve gone every year since I was 5.
    • Another would be spending the holiday together with my family. We always make sure to spend time together.
  • What is the silliest thing that you’ve cried about?
    • . I have no idea. I cry all the time, so actually pinpointing a certain memory out is difficult. The most recent thing I have cried over… the book I finished recently, Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. He gets me every time
  • What’s your favorite midnight snack?
    • I try not to eat after 7 PM. :)
  • Favorite TV show? Oh, I have too many.
    • Grey’s Anatomy
    • NCIS (all of them) (
    • How to Get Away with Murder
    • Scandal
    • This Is Us
    • . Do I need to keep going. :)
  • Would you rather get stung by a bee or get sunburn?
    • Sunburn


Interviewed by Cierra on our Marketing/Analytics team...aren't you just itching to get to know her too?! :) 

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