WTLB Employee Spotlight: Kyle!

Hey hey heyyyy, new week new employee to get to know! Kyle is our newest member here but that's not to say he's brand new and by NO means does that imply he's new to the game. The game is marketing, graphic design, photography, video editing...game set match. He can do it all! We are so happy to have him on board & he does some pretty funny impressions also... namely his impression of what he thinks a Southern woman sounds like LOL. See Kyle is from Ohio....so, let's just say his accent could use some tweaking :) Let us get to the interview questions! 

  • What’s one thing you still do the “old fashion” way?
    • “I guess I’d say I stay old school when it comes to movies and music. While I definitely like new stuff I usually find myself enjoying something created before I was.”
  • If you had a Yacht, what would you name it?
    • “Fat Guy in a Little Boat”
  • If you were invisible, what are some things you would do?
    • “Sneak into concert/sporting events and sit 1st row or maybe finally figure out what my dog does all day.”
  • What’s the most challenging but tasty meal that you can cook?
    • “Well, I wouldn’t call it challenging but I can make a pretty mean peach cobbler, so I’ve been told… “
  • If you were trapped on a ship, and the only person that could save you was the last person you saw on tv….who would it be?
    • “George Constanza”
  • If your dog could talk, what would you ask her?
    • “Why when the whole house has wood floors do you only manage to have accidents on the small amount of rugs/carpets

As always...interviewed by the lovely Cierra :) 

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