Summer All Day

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Ahhhh what a phrase, what a day, what a season! Summer is that perfect time of year when you're care free, tan, buzzing with Vitamin D...unless you're into sports or a parent or work full time, you know, those things. But still - you know and love summer because of the longer days, the perfect warm nights & any excuse to have sweet tea, like all the time. 
This particular Summer ALL Day, day, we were fortunate enough to head to our beloved hometown park, fashionably named, Pulaski County Park for a photo shoot featuring some of our new designs. We had the BEST models..they are so fun and so carefree and their genuine smiles can light up anyone like the sun! It was 90 degrees by 9 am but you could not tell it in their sweet faces or their long hair that anything was bothering them! As for us...I mean we may have been sweating a little bit more but heh..let's face it, none of us are in our teens and so resilient anymore. Fun was had by all! We played on the dock by the the creek, we had a 1-on-1 basketball game that got pretty intense and even picked a guitar. You know what you could say? We had a Words To Live By day. :) We're so excited to share these photos with you all once they are finished! Stay tuned!The crew getting ready for the photo shoot

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