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We deliver joy. It’s kind of our jam.

We deliver it to you through the messages on our apparel, by making quality products that feel good and last, and by responding to customers with a smile and a positive attitude.

And then we wrap it all up nice and neat in a beautifully decorated, custom kraft package that can’t help but make all the other mailboxes jealous when it’s placed in yours.

Quality packaging is just one piece of the puzzle in creating an excellent customer experience, but it’s an extremely important piece to us. You may have ordered that new T-shirt on our website, and you may know exactly when it will arrive. But that doesn’t take away from the euphoria that comes with opening a beautiful package that’s been prepared just for you. The science behind the euphoria is real, y’all — and you know that if you’ve ever opened a box from Tiffany & Co or Apple.

When we started the package design process, we kept our desire to spread joy and happiness top of mind. We always want you to feel like you’re getting something special, something you don’t get every day. We want opening the item you ordered from us to be exciting, rewarding, memorable. We even want you to keep the package, and maybe reuse it later. And we want it to be just as friendly to the earth as it is to the customer.

What resulted was an environmentally friendly, custom kraft envelope with your quality item inside, carefully wrapped in tissue with a specialty tag attached. With every order, you receive a free Words to Live By sticker, so you can pass along the joy that was delivered to you.

Our friendly customer service reps are here to make returns and exchanges seamless and easy.

Quality products, beautiful packages, happy and helpful employees. That, friends, is how we deliver joy. It’s kind of our jam.

Live it. Wear it. Share it. Take a look at some of our inspirational tees!

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