WTLB shows some animal love through humane society donations

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Words to Live By humane society

You may have noticed. We’re a little crazy about our furry friends.

At WTLB, we believe giving back is an important part of being a well-rounded company. But to support animals who do not have a voice? We feel that’s an extremely important cause to champion.

While many pets are raised and loved in a home like ours where we treat them like our own kids, so many are subjected to cruelty, abuse, or are in danger of being harmed by human or natural elements every day. Others are homeless. And they have no way of speaking out, of sharing their troubles or fears or asking for help.

Combatting animal abuse

The most common victims of animal abuse in the United States are dogs, cats, horses and livestock. And while animal abuse crosses all socioeconomic boundaries, research shows it often correlates with other types of crime or psychological behaviors, like violence against people or hoarding.

Thank goodness for organizations like the Humane Society of the United States and its affiliates in communities throughout the nation, which are combatting cruelties like puppy mills, animal fighting and wildlife trade. Through rescue efforts, disaster response, mobile veterinary clinics and other important programs, these all-volunteer, non-profit groups directly care for thousands of animals every year.

Supporting our local humane society

At WTLB, we donate a portion of our profits to our local humane society, which actively seeks permanent homes for displaced animals. The Pulaski County Humane Society works alongside the local animal shelter to save many dogs and cats from being euthanized. Each week, PCHS volunteers go to the shelter and transport dogs and cats to several different rescues.

Through its “Sneuter Clinics,” the local humane society provides spay and neuter procedures as well as vaccinations. In 2017, they helped 1,017 animals at these events.

Our hearts go out to these sweet animals. Giving them a voice fills an important void in our community, and we hope you will consider speaking out for them too by donating to or volunteering with your local humane society.

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    I bought a maroon shirt just like the one the lady has on says "Dog Hair Don’t Care.

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