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Who doesn’t love a great tee? You know, the soft cotton ones that only get softer every time you wash them. They’re great for snuggling up on the couch to watch football, or dressing up with a flannel and your favorite boots to go to the game, or, best of all, to curl up in and take a nap. They’re just the right size. And in that tee, you’re always happy, always comfortable.

After so many washes, though, that tee begins to show wear and tear. Holes, fraying or discoloration all leave a mark, leaving you with fewer places you can sport that awesome piece of cloth. It seems impossible that you could find another shirt that is as soft and cozy as this one.

Never fear. Here are some Word to Live By to give longevity to your tees, and keep you happier in them longer.

When in doubt, turn it inside out.

Part of the charm of any favorite tee is the graphic it sports. If you want to prevent that graphic from cracking or fading, just flip that tee inside out before you throw it in the wash. Protecting it from direct exposure to the agitator or friction will lessen damage to the print.

Bring on the chill.

Washing clothing in cold water is just as effective as hot water, and it will help prevent cracking, fading and shrinking. Your tees will stay soft, even in chilly temps! As an added bonus, you’ll save a little cash on your electric bill and be more friendly to the environment. And that gives us all the warm, fuzzy, soft-tee feels.

Give it some fresh air.

Dryers are convenient, no doubt. But if you’re looking for the culprit for your shrinking tee, look no further. So why not give your tees a little love outdoors? Hanging them outside to dry will still keep them soft and smelling fantastic.

Wash less often. (But when you do wash, use the gentle cycle.)

Not to be gross or anything. We definitely want you to wash your shirt if it’s smelly, sweaty or has stains. But if you’ve only worn it around the house and it’s not dirty? Fold that baby back up and put it away for next time. The fewer times you wash a garment the longer they last. When it is time to get clean, though, wash on the gentle cycle.

Mesh bags are your friend!

You may have used mesh bags before for undergarments or delicate clothing. But they can be used for just about anything! If you really want to protect your tees, these bags will keep them safe from tangling or friction in the washer.

Find your favorite tee with WTLB! Here are some of ours.

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