Life is Like a Camera...

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We try to keep our eye out for great quotes that will inspire others around us.  Whether it becomes one of our staple designs or just something to pass along, we love to keep the positive vibes rolling.

We recently came across a new one that really resonated with our team..  Here is what it said:

Life is like a camera…

Focus on what’s important

Capture the good times,

Develop from the negatives,

And if things don’t work out,

Take another shot.

This is such a great way to look at life.  It reminds us to not sweat the small stuff and to understand that we aren't going to be perfect all of the time.  And life is short!  Keep those memories of the good times close to your heart.  And when times are bad, just remember the age old saying, "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."  There are learning opportunities to everything we face in life!

What a great attitude to have about facing life! We hope this puts a smile on your face, and reminds you to be positive about the good things going on in your life!

Do you have any favorite quotes you want to pass along?  We'd love to hear them! Please visit our contact us page and submit them through our contact form here or comment below!


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