It's HIS Day! Find a Gift that Makes Dad's Life Easy and Fun

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There aren’t enough gifts in the world to show the dad in your life how much he means to you. But as Father’s Day quickly approaches, finding something to make life a little easier, fun or more comfortable for him is a must.

You could get him tickets to see his favorite team or band, yes, or even a new electronic device on which to read (last year's most anticipated gift, actually). But if you’re interested in finding that unique something that will catch him off guard and make him smile, consider these ideas:

Give him a great shave every day

Never having to buy razors or shaving cream again might not be a huge deal to Dad – that is, until he doesn’t have to buy them any longer. (Grin.) There are several shaving subscription services out there that will send razors, shaving cream, after-shave, moisturizers and other high-end shaving tools and products monthly, making his face feel great and his life a little easier. There are options and customization for all budgets, and subscription options can be changed if he’d like to try something new. Once this becomes part of his routine, shaving might even be fun and he’ll be hooked. And thankful.

Make sure he’s safe

If your dad is big on adventure and exercise, odds are he hits the road or trail to hike, run or bike regularly. And if he’s a busy dad, he does that any chance he can squeeze it in, which may mean he’s taking off before the sun comes up on a road less traveled. Purchasing an identification bracelet for him to wear during his adventures will ensure someone knows how to inform you should he have an accident, and show him how much you care about his safety. These bracelets include his name and any available emergency contact information, and can also be customized with favorite quotes or statistics — whatever will inspire him. They’re comfortable and durable and can be worn at all times.

Make sure he’s rested

What dad out there doesn’t love a good nap? Getting one on the couch is great, but a short sleep outside in a hammock? Classic. Whether traditional or lightweight, hammocks are an inexpensive and fun addition to the backyard. More modern options are perfect to take on camping trips and many of them even double as tents/shelter.

Guarantee he always has a great read

Because he’s busy, taking the time to buy that book he’s been wanting to read is likely not top priority. You can guarantee getting that book — and any others he likes – is easy by signing up for a book subscription service. From physical book subscriptions that deliver hard copies right to your door, to digital subscriptions that allow users to download books onto their devices, there are tons of options. And if Dad spends a lot of time in the car? Try an audiobook service. He’ll have his reading list checked off in no-time.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure he has a comfy, inspirational tee or cap to enjoy it in!

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