It's Derby Time in the Bluegrass!

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A few things are certain when you're from Kentucky. Since Derby is upon us, I thought it would be fun to reflect on some.

First things first - when you grow up here, Iced Tea is Sweet. Always. You don't like sweet tea? Uh oh. Better settle for an Ale8 or a water because unsweet tea is basically the equivalent of black licorice (unless you're in to that type of thing). Just don't do it. Take the sugar high and be happy your friend's momma offered it to ya on the front porch.

Another thing - you can rattle off the years of which your team has won a basketball championship. "Your Team" refers to either Louisville or Kentucky. Even girls grow up knowing who Pitino, Rupp, Walker, Sosa, Wall, Boogie & Prince are, they just do. Now I'm a little bias so I'll keep this part short...but basketball is definitely a way of life around here. (Go BIG Blue!!) ;)

No one, and I mean no one, celebrates harder & longer & over the top for 2 minutes of horse racing than they do in the Bluegrass. Louisville starts celebrating 2 weeks before Derby with the start of the season being what's called Thunder Over Louisville. It's a really big fireworks show. I mean REALLY big. Biggest display east of the Mississippi big. Fact check me...huge! And man do people turn out in throws for it. Then it just snowballs from there...chuck wagon festivals, catholic school picnics, concerts, night racing, day racing, THURBY, the OAKS - where the Fillies run for the Lillies; another blog another day - and then finally...2 weeks later, the iconic 2 minutes of sports that literally millions around the world tune in to see, is upon us. Just writing this gave me goosebumps.

People from Kentucky are proud folks. Derby gives us a national spotlight once a year that you just can't quite put in to words. You just need to experience it. So get your hat, get your booklet & start researching your favorite horse. There are no your homework. It's serious stuff around here! In the meantime, I found this little ditty to get you excited. Derby on!!!

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