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Words to Live By inspirational activities

You can find a quote on the Interwebs for just about every situation in life. But seeking them out might inspire you more than you might expect. We like this one: “Every day might not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”


So how do you find that “something good” when your day/week/month is otherwise off the rails? How do you find those Utopian moments when your senses are elevated and you feel immense possibility for good, that you are capable of more than you ever believed? Many of us want to feel inspired — not just motivated — throughout our day. But we often have to seek inspiration in order to find it.

It can start simple — like searching Pinterest for those quotes that get your heart thumping. But inspiration is found through greater action, too. Once you are inspired, you aren’t easily held back in whatever work you do. Participating in some of these activities may help you find the enthusiasm you seek.


You’ve got a good start on this one by reading those quotes. But look for more in-depth reading experiences too, ones you love. For some, that’s fiction — getting lost in a world that’s not our own. For others, it’s reading biographies of people who have made a difference in this world or motivational books that encourage positive behavior. Whatever your fancy, reading has such great power in fueling our mind with possibility.

Explore more.

If you have the ability to travel far and wide to experience another part of the world — DO IT. Don’t even hesitate. Plan that adventure now to a place you’ve always wanted to go and be inspired by a new environment. If you don’t, guess what? The wonder of nature exists right out your back door. Take a hike. Explore the beauty in everything that exists that we do not create and remember — if nature can be this magnificent, imagine what little ‘ol you has the power to do.

Do something creative.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, create something. Paint (on canvas or a room in your house). Draw. Build. Write. Bring something from inside your mind to life through whatever means you find enjoyable.

Listen to music.

We’ve talked about music’s effect on your mood and attitude before. But it can’t be said enough. Music is influential. Put together a playlist or find a channel with a genre that makes you feel good and let it fill your heart and mind.

Help others.

The best inspiration may be found in the most basic, fundamental act of good. Help an elderly neighbor with his or her groceries, or pass out food boxes at the local food bank. Your life may be changed by the smile you bring to someone else’s face, and you may be inspired to bring more of those smiles to others.

Find what inspires you and wear it! We have Words to Life By for every walk of life.

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