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Expressions Tea in Somerset KY may be a hidden gem to some of you. Others may have heard of it or even tried it! A coworker brought it to my attention & for that I am grateful. 

You can pick from a range of dates to go have your tea & crumpets...they have theme parties, celebrations for certain holidays & even tea parties with Princesses. The possibilities of fun are endless. Just make sure & book in advance! They will fill up & then you'd have to wait & you'd be a sad panda.

Expressions Tea is a proud supporter of Kentucky products. So not only are they using local grown goods to prepare their wonderful (not kidding it is so good) meals, they are selling them in their crafty store also! Win win! Also - they work with your dietary needs. Gluten free? No big deal. Call or email them ahead of time & they'll take care of you.

Let's get to the best part however. Expressions Tea is an organization that gives back to the community - in a variety of ways. They have volunteers that work there to provide service during the tea parties. The Chef is actually the head Chef at a facility down the road for Mentally & Physically Disabled Adults & dedicates his time & effort to make these Tea Parties really something special. The shop also sells handmade crafts that are made by the patients & the proceeds go back to benefiting the facility's efforts. They have crafts from local vendors too! The team at Expressions Tea also hosts a Gala event that proceeds go directly to benefitting the Special Olympics of Kentucky! I mean wow...not many places can list off as many charitable donations & contributions...all while you get an amazing meal of tapas, desserts & teas. 

Grab your girlfriends, your mom, your SO...whoever & book your tea party today! You will not regret it. I promise. - Mandy

Call or email for your reservation here:
​606-677-4068 ext. 1119

Visit their site for more information & menus here:

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