WTLB Employee Spotlight: Daniel!!!

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In Honor of Father's Day coming up...we thought we'd share the spotlight on Words To Live By's newest Pops!


Interview Questions:

  1. Name 3 of the biggest events that’s happened to you:
    1. Getting Married (and might I add, to a beautiful blonde bombshell that is as sweet as she is beautiful),
    2. Quinn’s birth (yup… Daniel is a daddy...He brought Quinn to work one day and she was a dollbaby... I know it’s a few days early, but Happy 1st Father’s Day to you Daniel)
    3. The Hipster working at the record store complimented my choice when buying a c.d. (haha….that made me LOL….and it also made me very curious as to what c.d. it was...lol….I vote that we have open mic night here at Words To Live By. Daniel can sing his hipster music, and I will do throwback country. Haha. Maybe some Tina Turner if you’re lucky.)
  2. What’s your spirit animal? My Dog Roxy (..I think mine is Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper lol she’s so put together. In real life, I’m more like Chip Gaines haha….wild and a little crazy…)
  3. What’s your favorite movie? Shawshank Redemption. (Great choice….that movie should be on everyone’s top 5 lol..I can’t even open a jar of pickles by myself...let alone act like I could escape prison lol)
  4. What’s a hidden talent that you have? Ultimate Frisbee (What’s the difference between Ultimate and normal Frisbee??….Is Daniel catching the frisbee with his teeth, instead of his hands??…. Is he doing a backflip in the air before catching the frisbee?…..maybe it’s the fact that there’s probably some running mixed in there...and in that case, I’m impressed...because I’m currently getting winded eating my snickers and kit kats walking up the steps to customer service…haha)

Written and interviewed by our talented and very imaginative Cierra of our Marketing Department :D

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