We'll Never 'Roam' Far: 5 Reasons We Love Kentucky!

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Beloved Kentucky governor Albert B. (Happy) Chandler once described Kentuckians’ love for their state this way: “I never met a Kentuckian who wasn't either thinking about going home or actually going home.”

Come to think of it, we haven’t either.

Kentuckians love being Kentuckians! We know we sure do. We are proud to operate a Kentucky business, providing local products to local people, and sharing our hard work and dedication with inspirational apparel lovers across the country. Our Kentucky pride is the inspiration for our “Roam” product line, and it illustrates the good governor’s point: No matter where anyone from Kentucky roams, this state will always be their home.

Of course, state pride isn’t exclusive to Kentucky. So we’ve expanded this series (watch our website for more additions!) to other states, so that more of our fans can show their southern pride.

Governor Chandler’s words to live by gave us cause to think about why we love our home. Here are our top five:

kentucky basketball

Basketball, basketball, basketball.

Whether it’s high school, college or a pick-up game out back by grandma’s barn, we LOVE our basketball in Kentucky. There’s nothing quite like gathering up in front of the TV to root for our favorite team come March. It brings us together, no matter what school in our state we support.


kentucky derby


While we’re on the topic of sports, the Kentucky Derby gives us all the feels. We get choked up a little just thinking about the Call to the Post, just after we praise our Old Kentucky Home by song. The hats, the mint juleps, the roses, the ambiance — you’d be hard-pressed to find another event like it across the states. Thousands travel here that first Saturday in May just to have this amazing Kentucky experience.


kentucky music

Foot-tappin’ good music.

Drive along U.S. 23 — the Country Music Highway — in eastern Kentucky and you’ll learn about a few of the famous musicians that call Kentucky home. Loretta Lynn. Dwight Yoakam. Chris Stapleton. Patty Loveless. Whether it’s country or bluegrass, there’s a lot of great pickin’ goin’ on across the bluegrass state.


kentucky scenery

The scenery.

Kentucky is simply a beautiful state. Whether you’re cruising along the 1,200 miles of shoreline in a boat on Lake Cumberland (that’s our home!) or rock climbing in Red River Gorge, you’re getting a huge dose of gorgeous. Come in April to catch the Eastern redbuds bloom, or in October to see some of the most beautiful fall colors you could possibly imagine.


kentucky hot brown

Finger-lickin’ food. Boy do we know how to make it in Kentucky. From our famous buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken that hail from Corbin, to the hot browns that are a staple in restaurants across the state, we will fill your stomach with goodness. Top it off with an Ale-8, a Ski or a glass of sweet tea and we promise you will leave satisfied.

What do you love about your home state? Leave us a comment!

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