5 easy ways to make your Kentucky Derby party shine bright

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It’s Derby week, and you’ve just decided to throw caution into the wind and invite everybody to watch the Run for the Roses at your place. 😬🐎😳 Now it’s literally a race to the finish to get everything ready in time.

You’ve got to clean the house, make the food — what is everyone going to do once the world’s fastest 2 minutes in sports is over? Hold your horses, don’t freak out. There are some simple but fun things you can add to this get-together that will make people remember it for the rest of the year.

1. Horseshoes

    This classic outdoor game is a great way to pass the time during pre-race coverage or keep the party going after the race is over. If you’ve never pitched horseshoes, it’s a simple game — two stakes are positioned in the ground 40 feet apart, and players stand on each side and try to pitch a horseshoe around the stake. Sets are easy to find at Walmart or Amazon. Here are some good tips for hosting the game in your backyard. (There are indoor horseshoe sets too, in case the weather is not going to play nice where you are!)

    2. Make your bets

    Setting up a simple, Derby-themed betting station will really get your guests into the party. What you need: a large jar for bets, smaller jars for each horse labeled with their names, small pieces of paper for guests to write their name, and pens or markers. When they arrive, ask guests to place a minimum bet of an amount you choose (they can always bet more, of course!). Write their name on a piece of paper, placing it in the jar for the horse they choose to win the Derby. After the race, divide the winnings among the names in the winning horse’s jar.

    3. Red roses and moss table runners

    Yep, that says “moss table runners.” It’s such a neat touch for decorating a table to replicate the horse track look! You can find it at Walmart and most craft stores. Unroll it across a table, and then place a jar full of beautiful red roses in the center. Tie a piece of burlap ribbon around the jar for the final touch. Suddenly your table is Kentucky Derby-fied!

    4. Mini jars for drinks

    Have we used the word “jar” yet? 😉 They’re more than just a way to store food — they are beautiful decorations. The small, 4 ounce jars that are normally used to store jellies and jams are also perfect drink glasses. Have a few small straws available and allow guests to pour their own of whatever drink is on the menu.

    5. Baby hot browns and Kentucky Fried Chicken

      Nothing says Kentucky like some of the state’s most recognizable, tasty cuisine. If you need fast and easy, a bucket or two of KFC will do the trick and will be super yummy. If you want to make something unique, add Kentucky hot browns to the menu! This mini version of the popular sandwich is simple to make (we’re talking canned biscuits, folks) and will be a huge hit.

      Have a happy Derby Day!

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